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The Industry Leader in Septic and Portable pumping equipment and services for handling commercial waste.

Superior Design and Engineering

Imperial engineers incorporate hundreds of data points to transform your application requirements into custom storage solutions backed by detailed drawings, materials lists, production schedules, and cost estimates. Comprehensive analysis of factors such as product characteristics, wind load, soil and seismic conditions, and current local, national and international building codes ensure our storage solutions are built to optimize your operations without worry.

Materials and Construction

Imperial tanks are constructed to provide superior strength and performance for even the most demanding specifications. Carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, and a number of specialty alloys are available to meet the unique needs of any industry. Featuring one-piece welded construction and easy on-site installation, every tank is built with integrity and backed by unrivaled customization flexibility and service.

Linings and Coatings

Our Polane® Urethane coating provides exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and a high-gloss finish. All tank surfaces are prepared to perform through a detailed, multi-step protection process that far exceeds the competition. Our proprietary preparations include first-class interior and exterior coatings developed in partnership with the Sherwin Williams Technical Team, with protection levels and special applications available to meet any preferred specifications. All linings and coatings are carefully applied in a controlled factory environment and are guaranteed to meet industry and federal regulations.

About Imperial Industries

At Imperial Industries, we’ve been designing and manufacturing specialized storage solutions for more than 38 years – constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of your industry. That dedication to growing alongside our valued customers has allowed us to advance from a maker of agricultural feed bins into the industry leader in manufacturing industrial dry bulk storage tanks as well as vacuum sanitation tanks, trucks, replacement parts and accessories. Today, Imperial Industries operates four distinct product lines, serving the industrial bulk storage, commercial waste and agricultural markets, and offering a full line of replacement and custom parts and accessories for your vacuum waste tanks and trucks.

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